Just Listening to Music

KEXP Podcasts are Great!

One of my 2021 TODO Items was to listen to music for pleasure. I’ve really struggled with this the last few years. To be honest, my relationship with music as a whole has been strained.

After Dollar Fox, I just didn’t have the passion. Not that the band did anything, it just took a lot. For the better part of twenty years, music was it. I was playing, writing, recording … just all music of some sort all the time.

Burnt out. In the last year, I’ve started playing more. Especially getting back to just playing bass (my main instrument) and really enjoying it. So I start playing and slip back into some old habits. I make work out of music.

Learn this song.

Learn this technique.

Tighten up playing that.

All good things, but not good when that’s my only relationship with music. So I have to push myself to just listen and enjoy. The image here is part of that. Just. Freaking. Listening. It felt really good. No pressure, just enjoying it.

Time to make this a habit!