First Impressions on the Crescent Lite Tackle

With some things I’m always hunting. I’ve had 38 vehicles if that tells you anything about how my brain works. Since I started fishing, and then kayak fishing, I’m on my 6th boat!

I have learned a ton about kayaks, paddling, rigging, and fishing from them. It’s been great to learn and this Crescent Lite Tackle fits the things that I’ve come to want from a kayak.

I’m not done rigging it up. It has to have an anchor trolley for my style of fishing. That will keep me pointed in the right direction once I drop anchor. The seat riser and rod holders are already on the way.

The big question I have now is what I’m going to do for electronics. The most useful thing I got out of the old Lowrance Hook2 was depth and water temp. The down imaging was marginally useful on a kayak because of the amount of water covered.

I need to either go big and get something with side view and commit to using it, or scale down and get something small and simple that gives me the things that I definitely use: temp and depth.

Either way, I’m enjoying this kayak!

For contrast, here’s the kayak that I had been on for the first half of the year. These are, by design, very different. The 3 Waters Big Fish 120 is extremely stable and comfortable. It’s also easy to fish out of because of that. There’s no thought or effort that goes into maintaining balance. That comes at the cost of paddling efficiency, something that I’ve learned that I care about.