Sawyer Took a Dip

Soggy Sawyer

Sawyer loves getting in the water and has really wanted to kayak lately. This was our second outing in kayaks together.

I’m impressed at how well he paddles and balances! There’s been very little instruction other than containing him in an area where he can explore skills on his own.

As you see in the video, he stands up in his sit in kayak (which is hard to do!) and even paddles around. Later in the outing, he got a little over confident and paddled out the the very middle of Lake Remembrance, tried to relieve himself over the edge of the boat, and fell in!

He had a PFD on (ALWAYS!) and was more stunned than anything. I paddled out to where he was and got him into my boat. We then looped around and tied the front handle of his boat to my anchor line and towed it back to the launch.