First Fishing Altercation

Lots of space

I had about 30 minutes to kill and headed to Lake Jacomo. I went to Ligget cove which has a few spots good for bank fishing. That’s what’s in the image above.

When I pulled up, there were two people on the rocky side to the east. A car and a truck were parked in the spot to the south. I parked in the parking area, grabbed my backpack and rods and walked down to the bank.

While walking, I noticed a guy walking west toward some of those other pockets. I didn’t think anything of it.

I’m looking at the water and I hear, “some people just have no f**ing manners.”

I looked back and said, “oh, you can go ahead. I just didn’t see any gear down here.”

The dude just kept ranting. “My truck’s here, but you think you can just walk down and take my spot …” and it just keeps going.

This whole time, I just keep saying, “I’ll just move. It’s no big deal.”

He gets in his truck, slams the door, rolls the window down and says, “you know you’re a f**ing a**hole, right?”

Then he drives off and I take note of the Gadsden flag sticker on his window. I guess I tread on him or something.

There was another angler walking by on the road that heard to whole thing. He looked at me and I shrugged. He started laughing.

I fished that particular spot for maybe 5 minutes before moving on.