Fishing Report – From the Boat With Sawyer

Sawyer holding a largemouth

Sawyer and I took the bass boat out to Lake Jacomo. We put in at the Marina and headed north from there. We saw a ton of common carp, but nothing else.

We then headed east and went back in a bunch of the coves. We were getting bites in 4-5′ of water mostly just inside the cove. This was roughly right at the point to about 1/4 of the way into the cove.

The bass jigs continue to produce! I even missed two. One I thought was a bite, then I thought was a tree, but it was a bite. I backed it up and caught the first fish of the day in that same spot.

We caught a surprise white bass. I had a chartreuse crappie tube hanging out while I was talking to sawyer and he just plain smashed it. That was a fun fight on a ultralight rod with 4 lbs. test!

On the North side, I saw sawyer tugging and thought he was snagged. He informed me that he wasn’t snagged and he had a fish! That one was all him other than taking the hook out.

Right after that, I tossed the ned rig up at a rocky point and got bit as soon as it hit the water. After a shockingly good fight, this one ended up being the biggest of the day. Easily 2.5 – 3 lbs.

I intentionally didn’t bring a scale, a bump board, etc. This was purely fishing for fun for whatever would bit. And … not electronics. The old graph on the bass boat doesn’t work. Well, it sort of works in that you can sometimes see the depth in the corner of the screen.

This was a great little getaway for the two of us.

Lake Jacomo

  • Water Temp: N/A
  • Clarity: Clear to stained, 1-2′ visibility
  • Air Temp: 69 F
  • Conditions: Clear to Overcast, slightly windy
  • Lures:
    • 1/16th oz chartreuse jig with black and pink crappie tube
    • 1/32nd oz chartreuse jig with chartreuse tube
    • PB&J TRD on Ned rig
    • Green pumpkin football jig with chigger craw trailer
    • Blue gill colored chatterbait with paddle tail trailer