First Bass Fishing Tournaments!


While the April Online tournament is technically my first tournament, May 8th at Lake of the Ozarks will be my first real, 1-day tournament. The links will take you to the leaderboard if you’re interested in following along.

Entry is paid. Hotel is booked. I’ve been scouting launch areas and mentally planning my day.

I’m really excited, anxious, nervous … just kind of everything. I feel simultaneously completely prepared and like I have no idea what I’m doing.

I really like to set a sequence of attainable goals to keep my motivation up. For the April tournament, it’s just catch a full 5 fish limit. I’ve actually done that, but some technical issues kept me from uploading one. I’m still going to make sure I put 5 fish on the board.

For the Ozarks tournament I have one goal: catch a fish. That’s right, just one. I’ll be on unfamiliar (from a fishing perspective) water in unknown conditions in unknown weather. A single largemouth is going to feel like a total victory for me.

Today I ordered a few more things that I need. A 360 degree viewable light/flag combo, and some track mounted paddle holders. Hoping I have everything!