Fishing Report – Lake Remembrance

First tournament fish

This evening was the best evening for me to get out on the kayak and get some bass on the bump board!

This started miserably. It was raining steadily, windy. I left my fish finder in the truck and just paddled along the bank to the north, then along the dam. Nothing. I was throwing a chatterbait and ned rig. Had a lot of snags due to all the timber.

I went all around the point at the west end of the dam and paddled back to the boat ramp to grab my fish finder. I wired it up and headed north again. I haven’t done much actual “finding fish” with the electronics, but I really like seeing water temp, depth, and any structure/vegetation under me.

I paddled back in a cove that was shielded from the wind a bit and had a good mix of things. There was standing timber, some vegetation, and some lay downs all in a flat that was 2′ – 5′ deep. Again, I didn’t see anything on the graph, but the conditions made me think that fish would be moving up to spawn there.

I threw the jig out between two broken off trees and started hopping it along the bottom. After a few feet of dragging there were some distinct taps on the line and I pulled back and started reeling. I pulled the fish about 8 feet when I felt the line get light. She shook the lure out.

I threw that same jig a couple times then grabbed my spinning rod with a ned rig. I was hoping that fish was still in a biting mood but was just ignore the thing that stuck her earlier.

Two casts in and I get a bite! I reel in a little 11.5″ bass and get him on the bump board. This is my first tournament bass! Finally!

I stuck to that ned rig pattern and started fanning around the area. The next bite the fish went running! The drag on my reel was ringing and I was sure I had a hog on the line. Once I got it reeled in it was no hog, but she was a respectable 14″

I continued catching 8-12″ fish. I caught 6 total, but only submitted the first 3 for the tournament.

Fish #4 was a total dink. While I was fumbling with the board, phone, fish, etc … I dropped my freakin’ rod overboard … again! It’s one of my favorite rods too. Luckily, it was snagged around a strap on my kayak and I was able to retrieve it. I need to get a tether for my fish grips so I can hold the fish in the water while I get all the other stuff situated to take the photos.

Lake Remembrance

  • Water Temp: 58 – 62 F
  • Clarity: Clear to stained, 1-2′ visibility
  • Air Temp: 50 – 53 F
  • Conditions: Rainy, windy, then overcast and calm
  • Lures:
    • White chatterbait with magic shad trailer
    • Bluegill football jig with chigger craw trailer
    • PB&J TRD on a ned rig