Fishing Report – Lake Jacomo

View from a creek

This trip was on April 3rd, 2021.

I’m signed up the for April Online Tournament through the Mo-Yak Fishing Series. I’m taking every chance I can get the the kayak on the water and get some bass on the board.

I set out late in the afternoon, around 6 p.m. and went to a cove that I have success in getting at least a small largemouth most times I go there.

At first I was just paddling around, graphing the cove to get better with the electronics. Then I saw the pipe that goes under the road and thought, “I can paddle through that!” So I did!

It was a little bit of a struggle getting through the pipe, but I was able to make it without getting out of the boat.

The creek was so serene and peaceful. It’s just 20 feet off the road, but it is covered and obstructed from view. I spent less time fishing and more time just gently paddling and enjoying the calm.

I finally got thick into trees that I couldn’t get under with my rods sticking up. The sun was also starting to set so I needed to turn around. My kayak is 12 feet long. The creek was somewhere around 10′ wide which I found out when I got wedged in like the Ever Given.

I was able to spin back around and get on the bank to pull the front out and walk it around. As soon as a put pressure on my foot that part of the bank broke away and my whole right leg went in the water!

Back through the tunnel and I started throwing a Ned rig around. I hooked a small largemouth, maybe 10 inches, but he shook the hook about 4 feet from the boat. I also stirred up a big common carp that proceeded to ram my boat. Carp a weird.

I spent the rest of the time throwing a jerkbait in an area where that had been effective. And it was NOT effective.

Still zero bass from the kayak for April.

Lake Jacomo

  • Water Temp: 58 – 62 F
  • Clarity: Clear to stained, 1-2′ visibility
  • Air Temp: 73 – 65 F
  • Conditions: Clear, windy outside of the cove
  • Lures:
    • White and chrome jerkbait
    • PB&J TRD on Ned rig
    • Black buzzbait
    • Green pumpkin football jig with chigger craw trailer