There’s always something.


I was really happy about the reasonably easy install of the new dishwasher. I was celebrating too soon. Somehow (and this might be from some movement after the first run) every single joint that had water in it started leaking. The worst was the elbow that goes right into the dishwasher.

There was a trickle on the kitchen floor, but a lot more than a trickle made it down the seams in the floor boards.

After getting all of the feed lines redone, this piece, the simple piece was the one having a problem. The old one just pressed together and never leaked. My assumption that this would be the same was wildly inaccurate.

I finally put out a call for help on Facebook and a friend suggested putting a piece of copper pipe in the rubber hose and then tightening up the clamp. That makes a ton of sense and it worked!