The Cure on the Jukebox

I always loved going to the record distributor with Grandpa. It was weird, just a big room with makeshift tables and 45s in paper sleeves. We’d get a list of what was popular and Grandpa would pick some of those along with some of what he knew the regulars at the bar would like.

One of those popular 45s was “Fascination Street” by The Cure. Grandpa got it and put it in the jukebox. In his rural Missouri honky-tonk it definitely wasn’t a big player. I would often be skateboarding around town and go into the bar and grab a Dr. Pepper and get a red painted quarter (those were for the family to play games with) and pop it in the Rockola and play that song.

On Sundays we’d look at the play count on the jukebox and count the quarters. One week, he said he was going to take that record out. I said a simple, “I like that one.” Not thinking anything of it.

Grandpa left that 45 in the jukebox for a few more months. Eventually, I quit playing it knowing that something could go there that would get more quarters.

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