Found Sportster

I’m always on the lookout for interesting bikes that are actually used. This ratty Sportster is a perfect example of that.




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Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride – Kansas City – 2014

I’m not a fan of group rides. Three to five close friends is the most comfortable group size for me. This ride was different.

I wore a charcoal suit, white shirt, red argyle socks, and Doc Marten’s wingtips. The ride to the ride was surreal. I’m used to being ignored or abhorred by car drivers. Riding around in a suit changes that. Waves, smiles, thumbs up … all manner of accolades.

The dress of the other riders varied, but in spirit with the ride. Suits, steampunk-esque goggles, tweed blazers, selvedge jeans. It was great and varied. Just like Kansas City.

Also like Kansas City, we were inclusive. The official rules are somewhat limiting on what type of bike is allowed. This group, eschewed those rules to good end. We raised a good bit of money and the people one the “wrong” bikes were there in the “right” spirit. I did not take part last year due to the rules and not having the “right” bike.

The route started at Coffee Girls in Waldo and headed out to Blue River Road. That’s not populous, but it’s a damned good road to ride on. From there, we headed into the heart of the city as we made our way North to end up at Grinder’s in the heart of the Crossroads.

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TBT: The first motorcycle I rode

This is the first bike I rode. Dad had me ride this around on the grass in the front yard of our house until I fell over. To this day, I dislike forward controls.

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