Silly Motorcycle Dealers

Every day that I commute I drive past a Victory dealer. I’ve been slightly intrigued by some of their bikes, but never serious enough to waste a sales person’s time with a test ride.

Last week, I drove by Austin’s Trailers and Motorsports and saw the Victory demo truck. I gave them a call and was informed that the truck was packed up and heading out. There wasn’t any indication that there was going to be a demo event prior to me actually seeing the trailer.

I love demoing new bikes, so I looked at the next Victory event, which is farther away, but still reasonably close. I hit up the Shawnee Cycle Plaza website and … see absolutely NO MENTION of the Victory demo truck.

As a consumer, the test ride is the most important part of purchasing a motorcycle. The stats are out there. The wonderful images of how cool a bike is or what dress up parts can be added are there. But getting butts in seats is important.

I’m shocked at how terrible dealers (and manufacturers) are about getting the word out about demo events like this. This lack of marketing ability is just another thing that makes motorcycling a hobby and not a valid form of transportation.

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