Motogeo: Ducati Scrambler Unveiling – Will Triumph Fire Back?

I could listen to Jamie Robinson of MotGeo talk about bikes all day long. (I have a similar man crush on Guy Martin, but that’s another post). This bike, the Ducati Scrambler is the one that I’ve been the most excited to hear about. Watch the video for the full specs.

I currently ride a Triumph Scrambler and love it. I love street bikes that have some mild off road capability. They are fantastic around the city and give a feeling of freedom that I don’t get on other bikes.

My insight … what’s Triumph going to do? While I have a bias towards the Brits, they are facing new challenges in markets they had been owning. MV and Yamaha fired at the 675 Triples. The Panigale 899 is likely cross shopped with the Daytona 675 more than any other bike. Now the Italians are firing at the Scrambler, a class with one bike right now.

On forums, there’s always been a call for the whole Bonneville series to lose weight and add power. I agree. The Triumph is a hundred pounds heavier and down by early 20 horsepower. That’s massive. I’d like to see Triumph drop about 50 lbs and get the motor up into the high 60s in horsepower and add a 6th gear since it would be able to pull it then.

But maybe not, I’d cross-shop these, but right now, I’d still pick the Triumph for the looks.

I do hope there’s a Ducati Demo Day soon!

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