It’s Boring Here

a view from an office park
a view from an office park

It’s only boring if you’re a boring person.

I can walk a couple hundred yard outside of my office that’s nestled near downtown KC and get this view. Yes, there are buildings and people and highways and trains … but there’s space and air and nature. Trees and wildflowers (or weeds, but I think they are pretty so they are flowers). Grass. Bees. Foxes. Turkey. Deer. All right here in the middle of the city.

I can drive a mile to a party bar, or a dive bar, or a clandestine speakeasy.

I can get food from nearly every continent and interact with people of the same diversity.

I can see rich and poor. I can see the deepest anguish and fear walking right next to courage and elation.

I can see a city being built and destroyed at the same time.

From that grassy hill, nothing is boring.

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