HoAME Hogs vs. Rockers – Party, TT, Bike Show

I would say I’m late getting this info out there, but since the site just relaunched I think I get a pass!

HoAME’s 23rd Annual Vintage Bike Show kicks off with a party on Friday, September 5th at KC Brake.

This year kicks of the TT (Tiddler Tour), a speed controlled road rally. Registration starts at 7:30 a.m. at Cafe Racer.

Hogs Vs. Rockers is the theme for the actual show, which is basically two shows in one. One show being Harley-Ds and the other being every other motorcycle. One interesting note:

There will even be a ‘rumble’, as each group vies to produce the most noise, so bring earplugs!

The show is a Mulberry and Union in the West Bottoms (maps are on the show website).

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