Doing Work

Sometimes our most fun is when we’re working the hardest. These two videos are Evan and I working on getting some of our basic skateboarding skills down better. It’s hard, but in the end it’s really rewarding.

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Archer Likes It

Labor day weekend. Up early on Sunday. All the boys at the skatepark.

Archer Likes it!

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Never Too Old to Skate

Jim and I skated a LOT through high school. Pretty much every day we were driving from spot to spot, getting hassled by police, and basically having a ton of fun. Recently, we’ve re-connected and have been skating more. It’s good to skate without a bunch of little kids (sorry guys) or teenagers that are actually good. When we’re skating together, it’s at our own pace and style and it feel awful good.

Here’s a quick edit from a few little tricks today. Jim hitting a fakie to nose slide, me ollieing a 3 stair, Jim doing a 50/50, and me … on the 3 stair again.

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I Landed a Caballerial

I’m a few days shy of 35.5 years old and I just landed my first Caballerial.

I was just rolling around and happened to be going fakie. I thought, “I wonder if I could do a frontside cab?” I crouched down. I popped the tail … and I landed it as smooth as butter. I looked at Lily and she just said, “Wow, Dad!”

“You saw it?!” That’s all I could say. Being of Instagram age, Lily pulled out her phone and goaded me to do it again. I eventually landed it again, but nowhere near as clean as that first one.

The video above shows my attempts and one sketchy land … but my old self will take a sketchy land any day!

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Archer on a Longboard

I’ve recently taken up longboarding (yeah, I need more hobbies). Archer LOVES the longboards and especially my newest Bustin BGDK.

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