Bikers For Babies, Kansas City

Last year’s Distinguished Gentlemen’s ride marked my first organized group ride. This is definitely not a part of bike culture that I tend to be involved with.

Yesterday I got a text from Dave about riding with him and his friends at Bikers for Babies. I had a good time with these guys riding out to Greaserama, so I grudgingly agreed and signed up online.

We were meeting at Dave’s at 8:00 a.m. I was there just a hair before and just hung out outside. Jorge and Justin rolled up with a bit more throttle jockeying and Dave’s mom looked out the window and informed us that he wasn’t there. Apparently, Dave took to partying last night. Jorge, Justin, and I went on to the next spot to meet up with some other guys. After the, “hi new guy” festivities, we headed out to Kansas Speedway for the ride.

IMG_0201Registration gave us all packets that included some coupons, a patch, a pin, and not a map. Thankfully Doug noticed this and grabbed some maps. Some road resurfacing caused a last minute change and the new maps hadn’t been put in all the packets.

We meandered around the grounds for a bit looking at vendors stuff and half watching the opening ceremony. I wan’t interested in too much of the stuff the vendors had. I did see and Indian Scout in the flesh, and I am definitely intrigued by this motorcycle.

That's a lot of bikes!There were a ton of bikes! Way more than I really had a concept of. My jaded eyes didn’t like most of the bikes, but it’s pretty awe-inspiring to see 4,300 bikes all ready to ride together.

The first bit of the ride was a little sketchy with everyone leaving at the same time. Our group got invaded by the Harley version of a squid on some temp-tagged, fat-tired noise maker. I just backed up and gave the asshole some space because I don’t want to be around that at all. Luckily, we peeled up for a pit stop and were able to keep a good spacing between our group and the rest of the riders.

Pit Stop!From that point on the ride was nice an uneventful. Just a group of people riding together enjoying some amazing midwestern weather.

Barbecue.We got back to the Speedway just in time to snag some of the last of the lunch. Some barbecue, some liquids, and a little time out of the saddle and we were all ready to head back to Dan’s place to have a few beers and hang out.

I’m still warming up to this idea of group rides, but the last couple have been pretty positive. I’m still anxious about riding with people I don’t know, but I’ve been fortunate enough to fall in to groups of good riders.

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