Scrambler Exhaust Video

It was requested that I make a video, so I did.

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VW Bug Pipes on a Scrambler?

Yeah … it works wonderfully. I was looking at exhaust options for the scrambler and most are very expensive (looking at you Arrow). Knowing that the Scrambler is what it is, I’m not looking for performance so stumbling across this thread of using tail pipes from a classic Beetle really caught my eye.

Scrambler - Before and After
Scrambler – Before and After

They fit! Installation was probably one of the most simple things I’ve ever done on a motorcycle.

The good … It’s loud. Not drag-piped Harley loud, but she lets you know she’s there. The weight reduction is phenomenal! These two pipes are less than a pound and the stock muffler have to be nearly 20 pounds. It looks awesome. It really lightens the appearance of the bike considerably. Which is kind of a rabbit hole since now the taillight looks really big … and the mirrors kind of stick up too far … and … and …

The bad … It’s loud … and it pops a lot. I’ll definitely be blocking the secondary air injection today which should tame a bunch of the popping. I should also get it remapped. I’m going to see if Engle has a good map they’d be willing to drop on. If not I guess I’ll be looking for a cable to use TuneECU (and a Windows laptop).

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