Motorcycling Through The Ozarks

These photos were taken five years ago. It was the first time I camped alone. My first time riding through the Ozarks. The last time that I saw Uncle Dan. Evan was just over a year old. Lily was 10.

It’s baffling how much things change in such a seemingly short amount of time. Some is good, some is bad. But the change is what lets us know we’re living.

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Tumbling Trucks at Three Years Old

Archer is now 3 years old. He’s talkative and curious. He’s my most independent child; the one that everyone takes a pause and says, “where’s Archer?” only to find him clicking legos together or investigating a new toy.

At his birthday party, I got him a set of toy monster trucks. I just happened to catch this moment while playing with the slow motion setting on my new phone.

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